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New Website - Please Join and Donate!

To consolidate efforts, please go to the newest website for the Stop Transource team:
Donations may be made on the site listed above to help defray lawyer representation costs. Donations are welcome and we sincerely thank you. Every bit helps. This will be an expensive undertaking for landowners as they work to protect their lands from Transource's use of eminent domain to take land for the sole purpose of making money.

Hearings Scheduled!

Hearings scheduled regarding the Transource project (seizing properties through eminent domain to install high voltage transmission lines for a market efficiency project  - in other words, more profit for conglomerate electric power companies). 
If you live in the area, please spread the word and ask people to donate to to help landowners cover lawyer fees to fight these mega-companies. 
"PLEASE NOTE CHANGE IN DATE: Due to May 15th being election day, the new dates will be May 14th & May 9th for Public hearings For those of you on the PUC eServe list, you'll soon be seeing a new procedural order from the bench that provides results of the pre-hearing conference including a firm schedule for public input hearings. For IEC-East, they are scheduled for 5/9, and 5/14 at 1:00 and 6:00pm both days at Airville Fire Dept.