Just the Facts Please


*     Transource, a private for-profit business, is one of many (over 40) shell companies owned by American Electric Power.  They plan to take land by using eminent domain and construct 42 miles of high voltage transmission line through Harford and Washington counties in MD and York and Franklin counties in PA.  The line will cut through preserved farmland, neighborhoods (literally people yards), agri-tourism businesses, livestock and horse operations, and sensitive environmental and natural habitats.  The towers will be 135’ tall, 30’ wide, and have a 130’ right of way around them and there will be five to six towers per mile.
*     It has been proven that high voltage power lines will decrease property values as much as 50%.  Not just for the properties they are placed on, but surrounding properties as well.   That’s IF the property can be sold.
*    Many people in the area depend on equity in their homes/farms to finance their retirement when they decide to downsize.  Retirement assets will be greatly decreased as a result of this high voltage transmission line.
*    The amount of compensation residents receive for the 130' right of way won't begin to make up for property devaluation.
*    Transource’s project will have zero benefit to the area hosting the project,  and will only have a negative impact.
*    The “benefit” from this project will provide very negligible savings for those in DC, Northern VA and  some areas of Baltimore ($280 million in cost savings/10 million people over  15 years  = $1.87/year).  Add on the cost of maintenance and operation costs courtesy of the rate payer and there won’t be any savings.  Transource has also requested a 10.9% Return on Equity from FERC.
*    Residents in Pennsylvania  will actually see an increase in their electric bill as they will now compete with larger cities to the south for their formerly cheaper PA gas fired power
*    Residents don't want the random shocks from stray voltage to our families or our animals that AEP (Transource's parent company) has admitted to and created a video about on their website.  This affects many horse and livestock related businesses as well. http://aeptransmission.com/property-owners/faq.php, video entitled “What’s a Nuisance Shock?”
*    Dairy cattle within proximity of power lines are greatly affected.  Thus, dairy farmers suffer loss of income.  http://www.startribune.com/court-upholds-state-s-largest-settlement-for-cows-hurt-by-stray-voltage/369744671/
*    This is a "market efficiency" project and not necessary to “keep the lights on”.  There is no shortage of power in the areas this project is supposedly “benefitting”.
*    Due to PA supplying so much of the east coast with cheaper natural gas, our environment here will only continue to deteriorate due to the power plants and fracking. Meanwhile, the power is shuttled to the cities in other states that oppose fracking
*    PJM has forecasted a 0% increase in power usage through 2032. As efficiency increases and gas powered appliances become more widely implemented, power usages is actually decreasing. http://www.pjm.com/~/media/library/reports-notices/load-forecast/2017-load-forecast-report.ashx see pages 87 and 88.
*    This project will not create jobs for the area hosting the project.  This is a highly specialized field and out of state workers will be employed to build this project.
*    The only entity to benefit from this project is Transource, a private, for-profit business who will be allowed to exercise eminent domain.
*    There are independent studies done to document health hazards associated with EMF’s from these high voltage transmission lines.   Unfortunately, the power industry goes to great length to also have their own (biased) studies done that say otherwise.
*    Our environment, once damaged and lost to this project, is irrecoverable.